Meet Mom Doc

Kendra Whittle

The word I use to describe motherhood is a gift. Becoming a mom in July 2017 opened my eyes to what love – real, unadulterated love – is all about. It’s about burning the midnight oil with a feverish baby, changing one thousand dirty diapers and laughing through it, and realizing that you’ll figure it all out one way or another. My daughter, Harper Joy, is now steamrolling her way through toddlerhood – I’ve predicted more than once that she’ll eventually be President of the United States. Every new development has brought a new set of challenges – trying to climb our incredibly steep stairs at home, eating dog food (since of course, EVERYTHING has to go in her mouth) and testing out her screaming voice at church. I wouldn’t trade in a second. My husband Stephen and I are high school sweethearts and enjoy all things football, taking family walks with our dogs, and traveling (ask him some time about waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica). I think of MomTalks as an extension of my ‘mom tribe.’ The baby and toddler years can be scary – they seem so tiny and breakable (hint: they’re not!) and sometimes it’s a guessing game about what’s wrong. I’m looking forward to coming alongside young moms like myself and learning together about important topics for this particular stage – babyproofing, safe sleep, car seat safety and more – from the doctors and nurses here at St. Louis Children’s Hospital who have literally seen it all!

Common Infections in Children
Winter Coats and Car Seats
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