Is my baby getting enough sleep? Is it time to switch to solid foods? Is my child ready for Kindergarten? Should my teenager go on a diet?  Is my son overscheduled? Is my daughter being bullied?

Have you ever wondered how your child’s pediatrician would handle these questions with her own kids?

As parents, we start building a network for trusted advice from the moment we learn our little one is on the way.

We talk to our own moms, our friends, our sisters, and our neighbors because we all want the same thing – happy, healthy, safe and strong children.

Even the most experienced parents admit they don’t have all the answers. But it’s nice to have a mom, who’s also a pediatrician, offer her perspectives on child health and well-being.

The Childrens Mom Docs are all pediatricians with St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine or BJC Medical Group. They work in the emergency room, the newborn intensive care unit, on the psychology team and more. They are also moms.

These are more than professional opinions. For the Children’s MomDocs, this is personal.