General Health & Wellness • Dec 07, 2023

When is Snoring in Children a Concern?

Sometimes parents ask us about their child’s snoring, especially if it is loud or ongoing. Snoring in children is very common. It can worsen if your child has a cough or cold but also may be present most or all of the time. This is generally when parents get concerned.

Snoring in children can lie on a spectrum of sleep challenges. If your child does not show any signs or symptoms of having other problems with sleep, the snoring is often harmless and doesn’t require additional interventions. Other sleep problems, however, including having restless sleep, wetting the bed, feeling unrested, or having an inability to focus, could be signs of a more serious sleep issue. Another symptom to watch for is if your child is regularly pausing or gasping during sleep. You should contact your pediatrician if this occurs outside of a cough or cold or is persistent. They will be able to determine whether your child may need to see an ENT specialist.

If you have any concerns, you should always feel welcome to call your pediatrician so that they can advise you on the best next steps for your child. We are always happy to see you at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.