Nutrition • Oct 28, 2016

This Will Encourage Healthy Habits for Kids

As parents, we know it can be difficult to create healthy habits for kids. Dr. Dehra Harris, a Pediatric Psychiatrist with Washington University at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, shares some healthy lifestyle tips that can point your family in the right direction.

“Do you ever feel like everything in the media about health is a long list of things you shouldn’t be doing?” asks Dr. Harris. She explains that creating healthy habits for kids is not about forcing your children to be perfect. In fact, it’s totally acceptable to have bad days where you only eat food that tastes good. Instead of feeling bad about the things you’re not doing, be positive and try to promote healthier choices. According to Dr. Harris, creating healthy habits for children is all about being realistic and adding healthy lifestyle choices where you can.

Dr. Harris suggests sitting down with your family and creating a list of things that make your children feel good. When encouraging healthy habits for kids, it’s important to identify foods and different types of physical activity they enjoy. Encouraging your family to add these things into daily routines is the best way to create a healthier lifestyle.