Behavior & Development • Feb 23, 2023

Tweens: What to Expect from Your Growing Child

The tween stage of parenting is unique in several ways. Children in this stage of development are experiencing rapid physical, mental, and emotional growth, which can lead to a rollercoaster for them and their parents. It’s important to try to support your child during this time by reassuring them that what they are going through is normal, joining them in appreciating the movies and music they like (even if it isn’t your taste), and being available to them to talk through anything they may be experiencing. Tweens are likely to be self-conscious of all the changes going on with their bodies, and can be increasingly argumentative as they try out their deductive reasoning skills. Changes in the brain often cause mood swings as well, but a consistently low mood could be a sign of mental health issues. If you have concerns about anything regarding your tween and their wellbeing through all of these changes, your pediatrician is a great resource.