General Health & Wellness • Aug 10, 2023

What to Know About Crooked Baby Teeth

We are commonly asked about crooked baby teeth in children and whether or not they are a cause for concern. The locations of baby teeth are often good predictors of approximately where the permanent teeth will come in. However, the permanent teeth tend to come in and rotate to be a little more straight and in place. In fact, our outer lips and tongues act as a sort of natural retainer to guide teeth to their correct positions.

Something to watch out for in children once their baby teeth come in is how crowded they are. If a child has crowded baby teeth, their permanent teeth are likely to end up being even more crowded. This is due to permanent teeth being larger than baby teeth. If your child’s baby teeth are particularly crowded, your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist. This does not necessarily mean that your child is going to get braces right away. It ensures that whatever orthodontic care they may need down the road is done at the best time for them. If you have any questions about crowded or crooked baby teeth, or any teeth-related questions, do not hesitate to ask your child’s dentist.