Safety • Oct 05, 2023

Tips for Safely Enjoying Campfires

It’s finally fall, and it’s hard to imagine a cozier activity than hanging out around the campfire with the family. While storytelling, singing, and s’mores can be a great time, campfire safety is important to keep top of mind when you’re around a fire.

Children should never be left around any type of open flame unattended. If there is an open flame, children need to be under the care of a responsible adult at all times. It’s also recommended that children are taught not to throw anything at or into a fire. This also includes poking or prodding the fire with sticks, as these behaviors can cause significant injury.

Children should always be at least five feet away from a fire. Families can designate a “safety zone” that is five feet and further from the fire. Having a visible or physical campfire safety zone that the children can see can help them stay in the areas that are safe for them to be in. It’s also best to keep a fire extinguisher and basic first aid supplies on hand in case of any accidents.

If you have any concerns about burns or wounds your child has, or if you think they have suffered from smoke inhalation, St. Louis Children’s Hospital is always happy to see you in the emergency department.