Parenting • Mar 20, 2017

Are You Really Eating for Two? Food and Nutrition During Pregnancy

Can you still break a sweat at the gym? What if you’re vegetarian or vegan? How do you appropriately eat and move for two? Watch Abby and Dr. Dickison as they addressed live questions (on Facebook Live) with viewer questions about food and nutrition during pregnancy on Belly to Baby.

To answer your specific questions, jump to:
00:30- “Hangry”
2:28- Calorie intake increase throughout pregnancy
3:45- Weight recommendations during pregnancy/Gaining & losing weight
6:20- Can you gain too much weight?
9:00- Eating pattern changes & cravings
11:00- Decreasing your caffeine intake
14:45- When eating red meat, how should it be cooked?
15:45- Raw Sushi? Unpasteurized Cheese?
17:45- Amount you should be eating each day. Big meals vs. Little meals
22:38- Regulations for vegetarians during pregnancy
24:40- Regulations for vegans during pregnancy
25:50- Being Gluten-Free during pregnancy
26:45- The importance of folic acid
29:50- Skiing and contact sports during pregnancy
31:30- Center of gravity and the changing of your posture
33:00- Can you ride a bike during pregnancy?
35:45- Pelvic floor pain
37:20 General rules for exercising during pregnancy
39:40 Crossfit & lifting weights while pregnant
40:40- Support bands
41:28- Boosting you energy with excessive; back pain
43:30- Tips/Tricks for eating and exercising during pregnancy

The live videos air every Friday on St. Louis Children’s Hospital Facebook page: