Nutrition • Feb 01, 2018

When to Buy Organic Foods for Your Child


The organic produce section of the grocery story has stared down the best of us. But when is it really worth it? Do I pay double for organic fruit, or will my kid be okay with the regular variety? Here’s my advice on when to splurge and when to save.


  • Jackie Wilburn

    Hello! Just wanted to chime in and clarify that pesticides ARE used in organic produce production (a fact that is commonly misunderstood). You can find a list of what’s allowed here: Moreover, the EWG has a history of overstating risks and plain old fear-mongering. I point this out because there are a lot of myths surrounding the idea of “organic,” and the reality is that both USDA Organic and conventionally-produced foods are safe to eat for both children and adults. Parents don’t need another thing to be anxious about.