Safety • Jun 02, 2022

Baby Crib Safety Tips: Follow the ABCDs

Bridget Leach with St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s Safety Stop discusses baby crib safety tips by following the ABCDs. The Safe Sleep for Babies Act prohibits the manufacture and distribution of crib bumpers and inclined sleepers. Crib bumpers can promote an unsafe crib environment as babies can become wedged in the bumper and may not be able to dislodge themselves. Inclined sleepers can restrict airways and the baby’s ability to breathe. Baby sleep surfaces should be firm, flat and empty. Use the ABCDs for baby crib safety tips:

  1. Alone. Babies should sleep by themselves.
  2. Back. They should be placed on their backs.
  3. Crib. Only use safe sleep places like cribs.
  4. Don’t Smoke. Baby spaces should be smoke-free.