General Health & Wellness • Mar 09, 2023

Top Choking Hazards Seen in the ER

Choking hazards are a big concern for parents and pediatricians alike. Some of the most common food hazards include raw vegetables, peanuts or other nuts, whole grapes, and hotdogs. Popcorn, gum, hard candy, and chunks of meat or cheese can also cause choking. While food is naturally responsible for many of the choking incidents we see, there are other items that can pose risks. These items include coins, small toys and balls, and batteries. Batteries in particular can generate enough to charge to cause issues right away, even if the battery appears to be dead. Any of these items can cause problems if they are put into other openings, such as the ears or nose.

If you have any concerns about your child swallowing a foreign object or putting something up their nose or in their ears, or any other concerns about choking, you should always feel free to call your pediatrician or bring your child into the emergency room. The St. Louis Children’s team will always be happy to help.