Dry Scooping Protein Powder

Safety • Jul 20, 2021

Dry Scooping – The Latest Dangerous Social Media Trend

Parents should be aware of the latest TikTok and social media trend of “dry scooping” pre-workout powder. “Dry scooping” is when you eat pre-workout powder dry without mixing it with water. This bizarre trend has made several people sick and landed many in the hospitals, some with life-threatening consequences.

What is Dry Scooping?

What is dry scooping and how did it first start? Some people typically take powdered energy supplements as a drink after mixing it in water to get a boost in physical energy and mental alertness before starting their workout sessions. Some of the ingredients may enhance workout performance by providing energy and increasing muscle mass. However, many of their supposed benefits are unproven. “Dry scooping” refers to the trend of taking a scoop of pre-workout powder without diluting it with water. This was initially started to maximize the effects of amino acids, B vitamins, caffeine, and creatine in these supplements. However, it caught on gradually as a dangerous social media challenge.

The Latest TikTok Trend

Dry scooping has been in practice for many years, but it became a viral trend on TikTok over the past few months after a workout influencer on TikTok posted it and the challenge quickly caught on. People started posting videos of putting a scoop of dry pre-workout powder in their mouth and chasing it with water, instead of diluting the powder with water and drinking it. The side effects from this dangerous trend have included chest pain, heart attacks, choking episodes, strokes, and swelling of the brain as reported by various TikTok users and news media reports.

The Dangers of Dry Scooping

Pre-workout powders have a high concentration of caffeine- some about three to four times the concentration in regular coffee! Most of these energy powders are poorly regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Diluting the powder with water slows absorbtion and provides a gradual effect of the ingredients. With dry scooping, not only can these scoops of powder result in choking and accidental inhalation and lung inflammation, but also absorption of concentrated ingredients that can cause a sudden surge of effect on the heart resulting in palpitation, chest pain, heart attack, and stroke.

Keep Out of Reach

Just because protein powders and energy supplements are available over the counter, it does not mean that they are safe. And coupled with dangerous trends in their consumption, they can prove seriously harmful and even life-threatening. Keep these energy powders out of reach from younger children. Parents need to discuss the dangerous effects of dry scooping with their teenagers. If your child feels ill in any way after consumption of these supplements, call Poison Control  (available 24/7) or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.