Distance Learning

Parenting • Apr 07, 2020

Distance Learning: Tips (and Encouragement) for Parents

“Distance Learning Day One: 2 students suspended for fighting and teacher drinking on the job.” You’ve probably seen this and similar memes if you have any time to these days to check social media. Joking aside, traditional homeschooling can be challenging while juggling other demands, but supporting distance or e-learning is even harder. All of us—teachers, kids and parents—are learning new routines, new technology, and new roles. IT IS A LOT! And remember, our brains might not be in optimal concentration for new learning mode because of all the stress associated with these changes and general worry about our family’s and friends’ well-being. You (and your kids) will not be as productive as you were a month ago. Period.

So, give yourself a break. This is overwhelming. This is frustrating. This is unprecedented. There have been tears (about 50/50 split between my daughter and me). I don’t know how folks who have more than one child are doing it. It is difficult in the middle (Are we in the middle? Hard to know) of a crisis to know how things will change, but it will not be like this indefinitely. A new normal will be established. There will be time for children to get back on track academically. Meanwhile, this may be a time where they improve other skills, like cooking, keyboarding, sending snail-mail to grandparents, or writing and illustrating their own experiences during this historic adventure. And YOU—give yourself permission to unplug and take a break from sudden 24/7 family time to take a bubble bath or a walk by yourself. You are modeling good self-care and you will be better able to juggle all these roles if you do. You will get back into your groove eventually.

That’s my excuse for not getting this blog written sooner—that and the science test and a wonky internet connection and a ton of other interruptions. But hey, (deep breath), we’ll get through this. One day at a time.

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