General Health & Wellness • Apr 06, 2023

Your Child’s Ear Tubes Are Falling Out – What Next?

After ear tubes are placed in your child’s ears, the tubes eventually migrate and work their way out of the ear. Dr. Maithilee Menezes explains that this is completely normal, as the ear tubes are designed to fall out. Ear tubes generally fall out 12-16 months after they are placed and rarely need to be removed since the eardrum regenerates itself by nature.

So, once you find your child’s ear tubes are falling out, what’s next? This depends on how your child is doing. Most ear tubes are placed to prevent ear infections in children who have a history of infections requiring antibiotics. If your child’s tubes are placed for this reason and the infections stop occurring, they will not need to have another set of tubes placed. If the infections return, however, your child’s doctor may consider placing another set of tubes. As always, reach out to your child’s pediatrician if you have any questions about your child’s specific circumstances.