General Health & Wellness • Mar 30, 2023

Is Asthma Genetic? A Commonly Asked Question

A question that parents frequently ask our doctors is whether or not asthma is genetic. The short answer to this is that we are still not sure. The longer answer, though, is that we have certainly noticed a higher risk for children with a parent or sibling with asthma. While there is not a single gene associated with asthma, evidence suggests that genetic makeup can certainly play a role. Genetic predispositions along with the child’s environment can create either a higher or lower risk for the development of asthma.  There is also a correlation between other conditions, like allergies, eczema, and RSV, and studies show that these conditions can predispose children to asthma development.

The key takeaway is that there are many factors that go into a child’s risk for asthma. If you have any concerns or suspect your child may have asthma, talk to your pediatrician so your child can be evaluated further.