Parenting • May 09, 2011

Are you thinking about adoption?

     If you are thinking about adoption, you likely have lots of questions… I
know my husband and I did when we began the process 6 years ago!  There are many ways to go about adopting, and lots of information “out there” for
people interested… so much that it can be very overwhelming to get
started!  The main piece of advice I would give as an adoptive parent is to
use a reputable agency.  Adoption can be expensive, but you can’t afford
(financially or emotionally) to cut corners and end up with your adoption
being at risk and possibly not going through!

     If you are thinking about adoption, I would recommend contacting a few agencies and asking to speak to families who have used them as references; they can give you specific information about what it was like working with the agency and what they liked or didn’t like.  Adoptive families are important resources; they usually have a lot of practical advice they’ve learned along the way and are often happy to answer any questions you have.
     Be sure to ask the agency about *all* the costs involved up front, and don’t pay anything until you have done your research and made a final decision about which agency to use.

     If you are an adoptive parent, or have made the decision to become one, the St. Louis Children’s Hospital website has an area dedicated to adoption which is very helpful.  It contains separate areas for both domestic and international adoptions and provides great information and tips for adoptive families.

    Adoption is a wonderful and beautiful way to expand your family, and
adopting our eldest daughter has been an amazing experience, not to mention the best decision we’ve ever made!  As a pediatrician and adoptive parent, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about adoption and wish you the best of luck on your journey.


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