Behavior & Development • Nov 03, 2016

How to Discipline Your Child (When Nothing Else Seems to be Working)


What is the best way to discipline your child? When you find yourself trying everything from counting to timeout with no success, it may be time to explore a new approach. In this episode of Mom Docs, Dr. Dehra Harris discusses leveraging alternative behavioral techniques to discipline your child.

The first step to disciplining your child is ensuring you are correctly using each technique. Often, parents can make slight adjustments and achieve great results.

Take whining, for example – the best way to discipline a child in this situation is to use the counting method. One small change parents can make: try counting away negative behaviors instead of counting toward positive behaviors.

Not all children respond to discipline in the same way. If you’ve tried multiple techniques to discipline your child and you’re still trying to figure out the best way, talk to your pediatrician or seek the support of a child psychiatrist or psychologist to be sure there aren’t any other issues.