Behavior & Development • Jun 17, 2012

From Lab Coats to Little League: Our Dad Docs Reflect on Fatherhood

The doctors at St. Louis Children’s Hospital have all chosen to dedicate their careers to taking care of kids.  But when they drive away from One Children’s Place each day, they go home to their own families, where they experience all of the joys (and frustrations) of any parent.  This Father’s Day, we send a special thank you to our wonderful Dad Docs, and share with you their thoughts on what it means to be a dad.  Happy Father’s Day!

My favorite thing about being a dad is experiencing everything as “new” again. All the things I take for granted I get to see in a new light through my kids’ experiences. The joy and elation (and sometimes the sorrow and disappointment) that they find in these new adventures – it’s like being a kid again.
Jeffrey Bednarski, MD
Pediatric Oncology

Of course being a Dad makes you a better doctor. It makes you a better everything: a better person, a better listener, a better supporter, a better friend, …
Connecting with your child (with all of the challenges and rewards) makes connecting with everyone (patients included) easier.
Charles Goldfarb, MD
Orthopedic Surgery

It is like opening a new gift everyday.
Jose Pineda, MD
Pediatric Neurocritical Care