Parenting • Mar 13, 2017

2nd Trimester Q&A with Belly to Baby

Is it really the honeymoon period of pregnancy? Dr. Camaryn Chrisman Robbins is back on “From Belly to Baby” with Abby to talk about the 2nd trimester.


To answer your specific questions, jump to:
:45- Size of Baby/External noise
2:59- When does the 2nd trimester begin?
3:30- Pregnancy nausea hormone
5:48- What happens during the 2nd prenatal appointment? (genetic screening, first look test, ultra sound, hearing the heartbeat)
9:00- Lab Work (blood testing, HIV testing, urine sample)
12:01 Group B Strep
13:48- Feeling better? Decrease in nausea & fatigue
15:45- Conflicting ideas of what pregnancy during the 2nd trimester is suppose to be like. Everyone is different!
16:20- 2nd trimester symptoms (dizziness in the morning, center of gravity)
19:00- Exercising during pregnancy
19:50- Aches & pains (lower groin, up your sides)
21:39- Sleeping on your back
24:35- Stretch Marks; Can they be prevented? Do creams really help?
27:00- Preeclampsia; How to catch and treat it.
29:55- Appetite, portion sizing and high density calories (protein!)
33:20- Time in between pregnancies
34:12- How old is too old to have a baby?
34:36- Pre Placenta Previa
39:30- Sex when you’re pregnant
40:20- Decisions during 2nd Trimester (Gender reveal)
42:00- 2nd C-Section delivery
43:00- Vaginal or C-Section Delivery?
44:30- Heartburn (how to prevent & treat)
46:00- Constipation during pregnancy and medications to take
48:46- Placenta eruption
51:40- Has an OBGYN heard it all? Never be embarrassed!
53:35- Problems sleeping? Over-the-counter medicines you can take.
54:25- “Out of the Box” Myths/Truths about what you can & cannot use during pregnancy (cat litter, gasoline, clorox, dishwasher/laundry pods, hair dye, nail polish, and more!)