Meet Mom Doc

Tara Todd, RD, LD

I joined the team at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in 2000, just before I had my first daughter. Through the years, I’ve had the opportunity to coach so many families while also learning the mom gig on the job. At work, I spend most of my time counseling families in the IBD Center, working with the feeding team, adolescent medicine program and short bowel syndrome clinic. When I’m off the clock, my husband I spend our summers on the ball field and our winters on the bleachers. Our two daughters are very active in sports, and we love every minute! And on those occasions when schedules aren’t too crammed, we like to head to the Missouri Botanical Garden to just relax and walk around. Tara Todd, RD, LD, is a dietitian at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. She received her bachelor of science degree from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and completed her dietetic internship at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.