Meet the Expert

Laura High

Boy Mom, Twin Mom, News Hound and Sports Fanatic are just a few of the titles I own proudly. My boys are all so different and present me with new challenges and adventures every day. I had no idea how impatient I actually am until I tried to teach Connor, the six-year-old, how to tie his shoes. Alex, our alpha twin who is about to be three, is a daredevil and now nothing is safe. Dylan, the beta twin who is the only one who kind of looks like me, is an emotional roller-coaster – happy to sad to mad to silly in no time flat. My husband Ryan and I have been married for almost ten years and share a love of sports, travel and finding new restaurants in and around St. Louis. During MomTalks, I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with emergency room stitches (I do not recommend indoor football), car seat checks, helmet fittings (Alex was born with craniosynostosis) and ear tubes – as well as learning about what is to come with my kid’s health and well-being from our crew of experts.

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