Meet Mom Doc

Brittany Blue, MD

True confession: even with more than a decade of medical education, I am still guilty of going to Google when my own kids come down with something. And I think my ability to make this confession makes me a better doctor – being a parent has made me a better doctor! I have a 4-year-old son and a daughter who is 7 months, and the two of them have made me more conscientious and empathetic to the families I treat on a daily basis. I’m a newborn medicine physician, meaning I treat the tiniest and often the sickest babies. I chose this line of work because children are resilient, and I love watching them grow and thrive. When my husband and I aren’t working (he’s also a doctor), we love spending time with our kids, exploring the St. Louis Zoo, the Magic House, or just spending time as a family at the pool. My best advice to my fellow moms: Go with your gut. Also, perfection is overrated; strive to have fun! Brittany Blue, MD is a Washington University Physician in the department of Newborn Medicine. She treats patients in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, the Special Care Nursery at Missouri Baptist Medical Center and at Progress West Hospital. Dr. Blue graduated from Meharry Medical College before beginning her training with Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital in 2011. She became an attending physician in 2017.